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All Clinics postponed until July 5

Parents -

At this time we are postponing clinics until Monday July 6. We did have boys U8/U10 coach test positive for COVID today. The coach was last on the field on Monday June 22 with both of those age groups. The coach has no symptoms and believes he was first exposed on Tuesday June 23.

That being said, and following CDC recommendations, we are postponing activities for 14 days from when the coach was present at practice. We will provide updates as we get them if this changes.

We will do our best to make up missed practices so each age group is able to participate in at least 8 clinics. If we are unable to reconvene, we will provide partial refunds.

The WULAX Board

Summer 2020 Update - As of June 8, 2020

Thank you for patience. The Woodbury United board has been working to put together a summer program that adheres to city, state, and US Lacrosse guidelines. It's been a very confusing time trying to predict what the state, city and leagues will do. 

Upon speaking with other associations, we are not optimistic that YLM and MsLax games will take place. We are ready to participate if that happens, but the overall feeling from other associations is that it seems unlikely. MSLax has already canceled girls games for the season, and the last date for YLM to decide on boys games will be June 15. (MsLax followed up with is last week they would try to help organizations schedule games if the state lifts sanctions). When the Minnesota DOH updates their guidelines this week we will know more. 

Here's what the Summer season will look like:

There will be two practices a week for 5 weeks (so 10 total practices) at each age level, both for boys and girls. 

Practices will start the week of June 15th.

The registration fee will be $100.

We will offer small group instruction at each practice. Emphasis will be like the fall - each week we will have a skill set focus theme for the week while adhering to social distance guidelines. Player coach ratio will be 8:1 in each small group. We will try to have players in groups based on current skills. 


Boys days and times:

U8 - Monday & Wednesday at 6-7:00pm 

U10 - Monday & Wednesday at 7:15-8:15pm

U12 - Tuesday & Thursday at 6-7:00pm

U14 - Tuesday & Thursday at 7:15-8:15pm


Girls - Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00-7:00pm 

* All practices/clinics will be at HealthEast Green 17, 18, and 19

Ok to sign up for a higher age group to better meet your schedule. Practice times may change based on registration numbers. 

Coaches for boys and girls include Pat Donaghy, Alain Rodrigue, Mackenzie Harding, Taylor Griffith, Martin Mitsch, Drew McWatters, Nick Wolter, Max Carver & parent helpers. 

*If MsLax & YLM decide to have games, we may offer opportunity for our players to participate in that but at an additional cost. We have no idea what the games would look like, etc, so we just don't what the cost would be, and we feel that we need move forward with programming that the city and state will currently permit.

Summer Registration:


2020 new Registration link 



As part of this registration there is an updated Participation Waiver that must be signed and Covid Participation Guidelines that need to be reviewed prior to you player taking the field.  Note that Guidelines are necessary and must be adhered to in order to use fields.



For Boys players that were registered for the 2020 Summer Season, if you'd rather receive a full refund at this time, please email Jamie Greenberger at

Otherwise, if you choose to register for this new summer lacrosse programming, your prior registration will be applied to the current registration and we will send you a refund for the difference (except for the initial Sports Engine Processing Fee. 

All girls refunds have been processed and physical checks for early registrants went out on Tuesday. 

PS - We are aware that there is another registration going around for another local girls lacrosse travel/club program. Woodbury United participates in MsLax and tournaments that cater to associations. It does not seem likely that there will be tournaments for community organizations, and at this time there is no MsLax season. As always, we try to work with local lacrosse clubs to minimize practice conflicts, but cannot guarantee. 


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:  WULAX Directors, Pat Donaghy (boys) via or (651) 253-1677, Mackenzie Harding (girls) via

Boys Lacrosse Update

YLM has provided a tentative plan for the Boys' 2020 Summer Season.  Please keep in mind this is a fluid situation with many unknowns (e.g. Woodbury making fields available for use).  The WULAX Board will be discussing how to proceed under this proposed plan. That being said, in an effort to keep our membership as informed as possible, excerpts from YLM's tentative plan are as follows:

"Basic summary is: A shortened season for all age groups, 7v7 style/rules, and observing social-distancing guidelines. 

Key Dates:

5/29 Registrations from Associations due

6/15 Go / No Go*

7/1 Season Start

8/14 Season End

5/29 Registrations due – despite the events surrounding this season, registration numbers have been strong and growing. More associations have shown interest in the YLM and developing their athletes. We encourage you to think about how many teams you would like given the 7v7 play, team balancing is encouraged, rosters will be fluid through the season and development should be top of mind. (More info will be sent out requesting registrations)

6/15 - Go/No Go Date. Based on the environment at the time, the YLM will make a determination if the 2020 Season will proceed or be cancelled.

The season start of 7/1 will allow us to get started prior to the 4th of July, break for a few days and get started back up on the 6th. 

Teams would be encouraged to practice/get outside, if they choose, between 6/15-7/1 while observing guidelines set forth at that time. 

7/1 – 8/14 Season, previously we asked if there would be support to extend past the normal season end date. There was a lot of support for this and it makes sense if we can have a season. We realize other (Fall) sports get started and have decided not to extend through August, but extend through 8/14. 

In summary, our attempt to hold a season is to give the kids an opportunity to play, get outside and see their friends. We can only do this with your support and understanding that this situation is fluid and may change rapidly based on the Mn State direction and the environment at the time."

As a reminder, the refund policy remains as follows:

1) If season is canceled - Woodbury United will provide families 100% refunds, except for the SportsEngine registration fee.

2) If part of the season is canceled (which is at least now the case) - Woodbury United will provide families with a partial refund at the end of the Summer. We will be analyzing costs associated with the partial season, as well cancellations of indoor clinics, tournaments, and uniforms, in determining the amount to be refunded.

Things are changing regularly and we will continue to communicate updates as we learn of them.  If you have any specific questions related to the boys program, please contact Pat Donaghy at

Girls Summer Lacrosse - Canceled

MSLax voted to cancel the girls' 2020 summer season due to COVID-19 safety issues in Minnesota.  Woodbury United Lacrosse therefore is in the process of providing full refunds (except for the SportsEngine registration fee) to the families of registered girls.  The following is MSLax formal announcement:

"It is with great sadness that the MSLax board has voted to cancel the 2020 summer league & tournament given the current state of COVID19 safety issues in MN & surrounding areas.

In making this decision, we considered the following items:

  1. The State/Governor Walz working on higher-priority COVID19 safety needs
  2. Safety of all participants & families
  3. Asymptomatic players who could be carriers and possibility of unknowingly spreading the virus to others
  4. The number of unknowns such as, but not limited to:
    • The end date of the stay at home order continuing to be extended;
    • # of COVID19 cases still increasing
    • States/cities/counties having their own set of rules to get people back to work
    • The willingness of players/families & teams to participate
    • The availability of fields
  5. The potential liability MSLax could face without having everybody tested &/or vaccinated
  6. The ability for families to move forward with other plans for summers

MSLax did send an email to the State of MN offering alternative to play lacrosse on behalf of some major MN lacrosse associations, & the response received was that the State was concentrating on more testing results & taking care of the severely ill.  We sent another email requesting the State to outline a plan of future tasks, timelines, & dependencies needed to open up non-essential businesses & youth sports, but no response yet.  Needless to say, this is going to be a long process since the governor is overwhelmed with more pressing items than youth sports.

As alternative, MSLax will help organize regional play days for interested teams if/when Gov Walz allows this summer or fall...

This was a very tough decision.  More communication will be sent out as we get more information on opening up safely.  Until then, enjoy your summer as best you can & stay safe."

Important Message - HealthEast Fieldhouse closed until June 1

The HealthEast Fieldhouse is closed until at least June 1.  Try Lacrosse for Free, preseason clinics, and tryouts are therefore all caneled. 

Mouthguard clinics and uniform fittings are cancelled. 

We will keep everyone informed as we learn more about outdoor field availability and adjust the schedule accordingly. 

At present, both YLM (boys) plans to administer a partial summer season.  

Check out the new Logo!!

US Lacrosse Membership Website

All players need to be a member of US Lacrosse to register for the 2020 YLM and MsLax seasons. Here is a link to the website to get a new or renew the registration for 2020. (Membership is not required for Try Lacrosse for Free or other clinics).

Uniform Fitting Dates [Canceled]

March 24 6:30pm U10s boys and girls

March 24 7:15pm U14 boys and girls

March 31 6:30pm U8s boys and girls

March 31 7:15pm U12 boys and girls

ES Lacrosse, 783 Radio Drive, Woodbury

Please try to make every effort to attend in your specific time block. ES Lacrosse is going out of their way to offer this to our families. If families absolutely cannot attend the above dates, they can stop into the store during normal business hours between March 25th and April 2nd to get sized.  

**April 2nd is the absolute last day to get sized.

Dunn Ortho Mouth Guard Fitting [POSTPONED]

Complimentary Custom Fit Mouth Guards for registered WULAX players sponsored by Dunn Orthodontics.

Saturday March 28 [POSTPONED]

Ages 7-9: 9am-10am

Ages 10-12: 10am-11am

Ages 13-14: 11am-12pm

No appointment is necessary - please come during the assigned time. Parent must be present to sign consent form.  A scheduled day will be assigned to come back to pick up the mouth guard.

650 Commerce Drive, Suite 170, Woodbury, Minnesota 

2020 Clinic & Tryout Dates

Clinics, Tryouts, and the PCA event are POSTPONED until further information on Fieldhouse availability is known


Saturday March 21 : 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM [postponed]

Sunday March 22: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM [postponed]

Wednesday March 25: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM [postponed]

Saturday March 28: 1:00  PM - 4:00 PM [postponed]

Sunday March 29: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Positive Coaching Alliance Presentation from 2:00-3:00*) [postponed]

Wednesday April 1: 5:30 - 7:30 PM [postponed]

Saturday April 4: 2:00 - 5:00 PM [postponed]

Sunday April 5: 1:00 - 4:00 PM [postponed]

Specific Age Groups times and Tryout dates TBD. 

* Attendance for the PCA Presentation is required for parents of players new to WULaX; all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend as well. Held in the upstairs meeting rooms at HESC.

Try Lacrosse for Free is CANCELED 

A great event for those looking to try lacrosse for the first time!

Choose one Date:

Sunday March 1       10 AM - 11 AM

Saturday March 21  2 PM - 3 PM [SESSION POSTPONED]

HealthEast Sports Center

No equipment necessary, lacrosse sticks will be provided.

Woodbury United youth lacrosse board members will be on site to help answer questions.

ES Lacrosse store will be on hand to answer questions on equipment.

Players from East Ridge HS and Woodbury HS will run drills.


Did you know?!?!

Minnesota is the fastest growing lacrosse state in the country.

Minnesota loves lacrosse: In 2017, there were 3,761 boys and 3,986 girls playing high school lacrosse.

There are 6 East Ridge and Woodbury boys and girls currently on NCAA Division 1 rosters.

Nationally, lacrosse ranks #1 for boys (12.7%) and #2 for girls (12.6%) for sports that have the highest percentage of HS players that go on to play in college.           

Important 2020 Wulax Lacrosse Information

Woodbury United Lacrosse Calendar & Information

Woodbury United Lacrosse is a 501(c)3 non-profit community organization that supports lacrosse in the City of Woodbury. All players who wish to play lacrosse are welcome at all ages. There are no cuts. Registration ends April 1.

All board members and parent coaches are volunteers. As a growing sport, we rely on dedicated parents to support the program in a variety of roles.

The main lacrosse leagues are YLM and MsLax.  Our summer season season runs from late March – July. Here is the timeline:

  1. Late March & Early April = Indoor clinics & tryouts/evaluations (2020 = March 21, 22, 25, 28, 29… April 1, 4. 5)
    1. A series of 6-8 clinics and tryouts/evals held in HealthEast Fieldhouse
    2. Tryouts for “A” teams at U12 and U14
    3. U8 and U10, if there are multiple teams, they are divided evenly
  2. April & May = Preseason practices begin when City opens outdoor fields in late April
    1. Outdoor practices & focus on fundamentals
    2. Typically held Sunday afternoons, and 1-2 weekdays
  3. June & July = YLM and MsLax Summer seasons
    1. MsLax is the girls league
      1. For U10-U14 = 8 regular season games. Typically 2 practices per week. Also teams participate in three weekend tournaments
      2. For U8 = 2-3 weekend jamborees, one of which Woodbury may host. Usually the first and third Saturday of June. Woodbury parents organized a 3rd one on the last weekend of June that went well last year.
    2. YLM is the boys league
      1. U12-U14 = 10 regular season games. 3 weekend tournaments. U12 and U14 have a state tournament, one on last weekend in July, one on first weekend in August.
      2. U10 = 8 regular season games. 2 practices a week. 2 weekend tournaments. Plus an end of season jamboree on third weekend in July
      3. U8 = 6 regular season games. 1-2 practices as week. Wulax supports 1 tournament. Parents may organize 1 or 2 more. Plus an end of season jamboree on third weekend in July.
    3. U6 = 8-10 clinics on Wednesday evenings during the Summer
  4. Equipment
    1. Girls = stick, goggles, mouthguard, cleats
    2. Boys = stick, helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, athletic supporter/cup, mouthguard, cleats,
    3. U6 = Stick

Summer registration fees pay for non-parent coaches, YLM/MSLax fees, fields/facilities, referees, tournaments, background checks, insurance, preseason scrimmages, medical field coverage, equipment and uniforms.

Woodbury hosts the Black & Blue summer lacrosse tournament. It is the largest lacrosse tournament in the Midwest. Last year there were over 140 teams. For the 2020 season, the tournament will be held the weekend of July 10-12. We rely heavily on parents to fulfill their required Dibs volunteer hours during this tournament.

More information can be found on Like us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Any questions, feel free to contact Pat Donaghy, Boys Director and U8 coach, at (651) 253-1677 or, or Mackenzie Harding, Girls Director at

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