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Coaching and Team Management Support




Drew McWatters (Head Coach)         (651) 276-2408             

Oliver Stalsberg (Asst)                       (612) 386-1936             

Quinlan Toelke (Asst)                        (612) 258-8934             


Daniel Umland (Head Coach)            (651) 408-3520             

Ian Carter (Asst)                                 (513) 253-2949             

Jack Thomas (Asst)                                                                  

Greg Coral (Manager)                         (651) 472-1267             


Casey Baron (Head Coach)                (651) 248-3398             

Jack Mears (Asst)                               (651) 578-0094             

Luke Beaudoin (Asst)                         (651) 319-1458             

Chris Rudin (Asst)                              (763) 242-0256             

Ben “Bubba” Colberg (Asst)              (763) 245-6695

Mike Nagel (Manager)                        (651) 717-8747             


Cliff MacDonald (Head Coach)         (651) 503-8543             

Evan Hillmeyer (Asst)                                                              

Alex Mullen (Asst)                             (651) 395-9195             

Robin Corry (Manager)                                                             


Nico Tweedy (Head Coach)               (651) 363-9588             

Shane Murphy (Asst)                                                                

Aran Glancy (Asst)                             (612) 424-1729             





Alain Rodrigue (Head Coach)                                                  

Nick Contreraz (Asst)                                                               

Kelly Edlund (Manager)                                                           


Anthony Millett (Tech Coach)           (612) 999-3528              

Brett LaBare (Parent Coach)              (612) 802-4007             

Brandon Raaf (Parent Coach)             (651) 230-6841                       brandon.raaf@gmail.c om      

Patrick Dardis (Parent Coach)            (630) 987-9629             

Scott Drikakis (Parent Coach)            (612) 306-6495             

Chase Callen (Parent Coach)              (651) 336-2142             

Marisa Frie (Manager)                        (651) 403-9869             

The Registration "Coaching and Team Management Support" is not currently available.

Coach Registration & Background Check

The Youth Lacrosse League of Minnesota and the City of Woodbury require that all Woodbury United Lacrosse coaches complete a criminal background check (it is not a financial background check). 

Your screening is paid for by the Woodbury United Lacrosse Association. At no time during this process will you be asked to submit payment.

All results are confidential. Woodbury United Lacrosse Association members, volunteers, paid staff, and Board of Directors do not have access to the details provided by you during the screening process.

Notification of screening exceptions are limited to information about the exception only, your SSN and other information are not passed back to the Woodbury United Lacrosse Association.

If there is a screening exception, a notification is routed directly to two executive members of the Woodbury United Lacrosse Association Board of Directors who have been specifically assigned to review such exceptions. Upon receipt, they will review the exception and make all decisions regarding the status of the screened individual.

When you have completed the Coach Registration & Background check, you will be automatically notified of your screening status via the email you used in the registration. The pass/flagged notification often happens in a matter of minutes or hours, but may take up to five days. 

Click the registration button below to proceed to the Woodbury United Youth Lacrosse Coach Registration.

The Registration "Coaching and Team Management Support" is not currently available.